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someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose

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This moment. This moment right here. Do you guys know what this is? This is the moment I knew that this ship is endgame. Oh, I had hoped and I had prayed before, but oh my god, do you understand what this scene means? A thousand years of getting what he wants, and what he needs craves desires wants is Caroline “Full of Light” Forbes. And she is shadowed by darkness right now and so terribly within his grasp. I’m sure his palms itched to pull her into his arms- shh you’re safe- and comfort her. You can see it in the second gif, the battle he is fighting within himself. He knows how it felt when killing was more than a dead heart- when it was a person. He knows coming to terms with the monster you are, because he has perfected being dark and tarnished. But she isn’t. She is so good it must hurt him to be near such radiance. And she is willing to let him hold her, to comfort her- because she sees the good in him, because they’re the same- while her walls are crumbled to the floor beneath the massacre and weight of her actions. Guys, Klaus dug twelve graves for her when the shock had numbed her into a stupor. He dug twelve graves and had time to plot how to use this to his advantage, how to woo her into succumbing to him, to utterly encompass her. And he doesn’t. He remembers her words from earlier and he knows that this is how it has to be. He doesn’t just want her, he wants her high opinion. He wants this to mean something, so he gives her a taste of her own medicine- honesty doesn’t always feel good, but it is so crucial. This is the moment that Caroline Forbes because a person and not an object. She doesn’t realize it right here, but this is where their relationship changes. She is no longer the one eclipsing him and having all the control. This is the battleground they became equals on. My god the hurt in this scene and the desperation… “I know you’re in love with me,” and this is where that knowledge comes to light. He let’s her go when he could of had her, if only for a moment. Klaus doesn’t want just a moment though: he wants all of them. 

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